March 18th 2020 - One of the Scariest Days of My Life

Never did I ever think I would write a blog post/article/whatever you want to call it. March 18th 2020 - the day I found out I tested positive for COVID-19. I'm not sure where to begin or why I'm even writing this. Definitely to bring awareness to the fact that it can happen to anyone, like a 26 year old, otherwise healthy female. Also somewhat selfishly I guess, to get these words down on paper. Maybe it will help it feel a little more bearable. Saturday, 2/29/2020: I get engaged to the love of my life. He rented out part of a beautiful restaurant near our apartment. He had the General Manager of the restaurant, my best friends, and my family all in on this. His charming, convincing self (or my gullible self) was convinced we were getting engaged on March 21st at The Charthouse in Annapolis (if it had really been this date I would have been at home with COVID-19, so good thing it was really in February). Ask my co-workers, my best friends; I couldn't stop talking about